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Guanatos Tacos is an authentic Mexican Restaurant that has been inspired by our family and ancestral home, Guadalajara Mexico. With a menu inclusive of Tacos de Birria, Bistec, Pollo, Al pastor, Quesadillas, Burritos; we are sure you'll find a taste of Guadalajara in every bite.



A taste of Guadalajara in every bite. 

Tacos Rojos "Red Tacos"

Perfectly grilled in our specialty red salsa.

Enjoy our "Tacos" Rojos with your choice of Birria de Rez (Beef), Panela (Cheese), Chorizo Queso (Chorizo and Cheese), Asada, Chicken or Al Pastor.

Not just any Taco

Buen Provecho!

Our menu includes Quesabirrias, Choriquesos, Tacos Rojos, Consome, Guanatos Tacos made with handmade tortillas along with your favorites  traditional Asada, Chicken and Al Pastor.  

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